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2019 Performing Ensemble Audition Results

Congratulations and thank you to all students who either participated in the auditions or sent in video/Youtube links. The audition panel were extremely impressed with the high standard of all applicants and they would like to encourage all students to continue to develop their skills and seek out performance opportunities.

Please find below the list of successful applicants.

The 2019 Performing Ensemble Acceptance Package will be emailed to successful applicants towards the end of January 2019.

In order to accept your position in the Ensemble students must be available for the following:

Ensemble Camp:

Term 1 Week 3 - Friday 15 February to Sunday 17 February 2019.  Camp Cost: $200

Proposed Tour Dates:

  • Term 1 Week 11 - Monday 8 April to Wednesday 10 April 2019
  • Term 2 Week 6 - Monday 3 June to Wednesday 5 June 2019
  • Term 3 Week 2 - Monday 29 July to Wednesday 31 July 2019
  • Term 4 Week 5 - Monday 11 November to Thursday 14 November 2019

Tour costs: $250 per term

Unfortunately, if you are unable to attend camp or any of the proposed Tour dates, you will need to forfeit your position in the Ensemble for 2019.

Successful students and their parents will be asked to join the closed Facebook group “2019 Performing Ensemble”. This Facebook group will be used as a means of distributing information and keeping up-to-date with the latest photos and information when the group is on Tour. More details will be sent out in the Acceptance Package.

Please confirm your acceptance by emailing confirmation to:



Name            Surname        School            2019 School Year      Group          Instrument

Abby                    A             WHSPA                        10                           Band            Bass Guitar

Elizabeth             A             Woonona HS                9                           Dance

Makahlea            B             Albion Park HS            9                            Dance

Toby                     B             Bomaderry HS            7                             Band            Trumpet

Kiara                    B             WHSPA                        11                            Dance

Sky                      B             Woonona HS                10                          Band            Alto Saxophone 

Jocelyn                B             Woonona HS               10                          Band            Tenor Saxophone

Bailey                  C             Figtree HS                    10                          Band            Tenor Saxophone

Kaylen                C             Figtree HS                    8                            Band            Trumpet

Ewan                  D             Moss Vale HS                11                          Band            Drums

Zoey                   D             Nowra HS                     9                            Vocal

Harmony            D             Vincentia HS                10                          Vocal

Mora                   F             Bega HS                        9                            Band            Keyboard

Kalani                F             Keira HS                        9                            Dance

Emerson            G             WHSPA                        9                            Vocal

Corinne             G              Yass HS                        10                           Band            Alto Saxophone

Tess                    H             Keira HS                       9                            Band            Saxophone

Amelia                H             Ulladulla HS                9                            Band            Keyboard

Calum                H             WHSPA                         11                            Dance

Jordan                I             Albion Park HS             9                            Vocal

Matthew            J             Moss Vale HS                10                           Band            Trumpet

Samuel              J             Moss Vale HS                8                            Band            Alto Saxophone

Marley               J             Smith's Hill HS              11                            Vocal

Ashton               J             Ulladulla HS                  9                            Band            Keys & Drums

Kai                      J             Woonona HS                8                            Band            Alto Saxophone

Latai                   K          Albion Park HS                11                          Vocal

Georgia              L         SSC Balmain Campus      9                           Vocal

Thomas            M         Smith's Hill HS                 11                           Band            Bass Guitar

Ariel                  M         Smith's Hill HS                10                           Band            Tenor Saxophone

Mim                  M         Ulladulla HS                    9                            Band            Trombone

Joel                    M         WHSPA                            11                            Vocal

Monika             M          WHSPA                            8                            Vocal

Remi                M           WHSPA                            10                          Dance

Ruby                M           Woonona HS                  8                            Vocal

Daisy                P             Kiama HS                      11                            Vocal

Tess                  P             Smith's Hill HS              9                            Dance

Cassidy            P             Smith's Hill HS              7                            Band            Guitar

Katelyn            P             WHSPA                         10                           Dance

Lily                  R             WHSPA                         10                            Dance

Layla               R             Woonona HS                9                            Dance

Callum            S             Dapto HS                      8                            Band              Trumpet

Kye                  S             Keira HS                        10                          Band              Electric Guitar

Brittnee          S             WHSPA                          11                           Dance

Joel                T              Smith's Hill HS              11                           Band            Guitar

Riley               W           Ulladulla HS                  10                            Vocal

Tyler              W             Woonona HS                9                            Vocal

Jordan            W            Woonona HS                                              Band            Alto Saxophone



Lili                V                WHSPA                        9                            Dance

Amber         C                Nowra HS                    9                            Dance

William        S                WHSPA                        9                            Male Vocal

Neha            K                WHSPA                        9                            Female Vocal