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Arts grants

Arts Grants applications for 2018 are currently open. Applications close at 5pm on Monday 30 October 2017.

Arts Grants are only available to programs which align to the Arts Education Framework. They are not intended as a funding source for individual schools' creative arts programs, but rather to support communities or networks of schools provide pathways for students in the pursuit of excellence in the arts.

This year's applications will be in the form of a survey monkey questionnaire. You will also need to submit a budget template providing details of funding requested.

To go to the application please click on this link: Arts Grant Application

To go to the budget template please click on this link:  Arts Grant Budget Template (PDF 353KB)

For assistance with completing your application read this link: Arts Grant Application Info (PDF 80KB)

For further information or assistance with the  Arts Grant application please contact your local Arts Coordination Officer.

Creative Arts Grant Initiative

Learning and Teaching – Primary and Secondary Education Grant Initiative

The Creative Arts grants initiative aims to assist teachers by offering funding to support key facilitators of professional learning and innovative curriculum implementation practices in schools.

This grant initiative aims to:

develop and increase teacher commitment, knowledge and skills in relation to the subjects within the Creative Arts curriculum, through the expansion of teacher capacity and stimulation of student demand

develop and access high quality digital resources that can be readily integrated into the curriculum at secondary levels, by way of flexible and innovative delivery and pathways

provide opportunities to improve school resources and equipment for innovative and effective delivery of the practical components of the creative arts curriculum.

For further information and to apply go to:  Creative Arts Gran

For further information about the Creative Arts Grants Initiative please contact: 

Cathryn Ricketts 7-12 Creative Arts Advisor on or 

Julia Brennan K-6 Creative Arts Advisor on 

with "Creative Arts grants initiative" in the subject line.